Code Noir

Neo Futurist Dinner 13 – by Lelani Lewis, Rachel Rumai and Suzanne Bernhardt

23 Sep 2020
28 Sep 2020

This 5-course Dinner experience is a collaboration between chef and culinary activist Lelani Lewis, spoken word artist Rachel Rumai Diaz, and artist Suzanne Bernhardt.

Code Noir will take you on a culinary journey to get a better understanding of the cultural and colonial legacy of global trade routes, and its effects on Caribbean cuisine and culture. Code Noir was the name of a 17th Century decree restricting the freedom of the enslaved people in the French Colonies of the New World. At Mediamatic, Code Noir is turned into an immersive food experience that will show its guests how the worldwide exchange of goods has influenced current-day dishes – for the better or worse.

Join us to explore the chronology of Caribbean Cuisine via four significant epochs, from indigenous cassava to Indian chana. 

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Habanero Peppers - Anne Lakeman

With: Lelani Lewis

Neo Futurist Dinners

Code Noir is part of the Neo Futurist Dinner series, in which Mediamatic invites a number of artists and chefs to present their vision on the food of the future. The dinners allow us to question the ways in which food, art, science and politics intertwine and to rediscover the human basic needs.


Neo Futurist Dinner 13: Code Noir
From 23 to 28 September
Start 18.00, 19.15 or 20.30 pm
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

Tickets (including €1, - administration costs):
Full price for 2: €110,- | Artist/student for 2: €76.-*

Full price for 4: €220.- | Artist/student for 4: €153.-*

Surcharge for alcoholic beverage pairing: € 25,-
Surcharge for non-alcoholic beverage pairing: €20,-


Please note: part of the dinner will be served in our two- or four person Serres Séparées. Therefore we only sell tickets per two or four. If you want to come alone, a reduction of €45.-/€30.-* applies at the door. If you come with three, a supplement of €45.-/€30.-* applies at the door. Please book a two-person greenhouse in each case.

*We offer a discount to students and artists. To qualify, you need to be able to show us your kvk nr/portfolio or student card at the door. Even if there's only one person in the group who is eligible for the discount, you can purchase the Artist/Student ticket. For questions send an email to


All Neo Futurist Dinners are vegan. If you have questions or want to inform us about allergies, send an e-mail to