Echokamer #12: Superstringtrio

Voice improvisers specialized in resonance and overtones.

21 Nov 2013

Using overtone singing techniques, Rollin Rachele and Mark van Tongeren, the Superstringtrio, modify the sound waves made by the human voice. Made up of different particles, a single sound wave can be made to sound like two or more pitches at once. This type of singing is also known as overtone chanting, as it produces quite a hypnotic effect. We were really keen to find out how these sounds resonate in our Echokamer. Rollin and Mark were joined by visual artist Daphne van Tongeren, who transformed the space through a minimalistic light performance.


Superstringtrio - Rollin Rachele and Mark van Tongeren, the Superstringtrio, during Echkamer #12. Max van Boxel

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Entrance: 2,- (ex Mediamatic Membership, which is 5,- for 4 weeks). Subbacultcha members get in for free. So do subscribers to Gonzo (circus): bring the latest issue for proof. Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Click here for the route.