A day in the park

Bottom-up exhibition, party with Istanbul street food, music and Gezi-cinema.

16 Nov 2013

The protests in Turkey are characterised by a culture of cooperation, creative self-organisation and democratic resistance. Saturday 16 November we celebrated the opening of 'A Day in the Park' with music, food, discussion and film, all in the spirit of the Gezi protests. With traditional Turkish music and a DJ-set by the Eaglemen (Red Light Radio). One could rummage around and explore on their own (from 17:00), or join us at 15:00 for a discussion on new journalism, with leading journalists from Turkey and the Netherlands.


A Day in the Park - Work from Emin Özmen and a musician playing in the exhibition park.

With: Emin Özmen

More information

13:00 - The Utopia Project. Brainstorm session on alternative forms of governance in Istanbul.
15:00 - A debate on journalism under repressive regimes, with leading journalists from Turkey and the Netherlands.
17:00 - Films, music, exhibition and food.

Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Park is a bottom-up exhibition, research space and public forum by and for anyone who wishes to explore the core concerns of the Gezi protests.