Taking care of the Systems

Aquaponics Meeting #26

21 Aug 2012

Last sunday the plants got a lot of attention. The dead plants in the raft system were taken out and the dead leaves in all the systems are now removed. The rest of the plants have bugs on them, so they were sprayed with a mix of syrup and soap. The plants that were planted the sunday before last started sprouting, both in the clay pebbles as well as in the rockwool cubes, so that experiment worked out very well. There is also being started with a worm box to produce our own worms and the water was tested.


Lettuce in the big Aquaponics Tower - The lettuce by night during our BBQ-night. Alie Sonneveldt

This tuesday we will continue with taking care of the systems and their surrounding projects, the worms and the sprouting new plants. We are also approaching another workshop, so there will be some more checking and discussing so that everything will be set for September 7th. Our lovely staff, please RSVP for dinner!