Slum Sessions #5

Game time

6 Jan 2013

Plans for the Freezing Favela are becoming more concrete. During this session participants partook in a game, hosted by Play the City, to find out the best way to realize their project. Where should they build, how, and with whom? Click here to view proposals.


Getting ready for game time - Preparing models for proposals with Play the City to be used during Slum Sessions #5 where the Freezing Favela Project was staged. This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek during Slum Sessions #5, part of Freezing Favela. Aleksandra Kalashnikova

Important information for participants

The game provided by Play the City was played using models (1:30) of each proposal and these rules. After we were provided a random sequence, a representative from each proposal presented their wants and worries. We took a little break to form alliances and welcome desirable neighbors. In the second round, we played in the opposite sequence and began placing our models inside the maquette of the Fabriek space. This is when we really got down to business. Who gets to be next to the Hamam and who will be placed by the Poo Factory?


De Tostifabriek - Our Freezing Favela will have a tosti factory with a live pig and a live cow, of course. Aleksandra Kalashnikova


An embellished favela - Ankie de Groot explains how jewelry can play a role in the Freezing Favela. This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek during Slum Sessions #5, part of Freezing Favela. Jurrian de Klerk

We placed and replaced our proposal models until we were all pleased with the result. We will play more rounds, taking updates into consideration, during Slum Sessions #6 on January 15. In the meantime, we will open the doors of the Fabriek on Tuesday, January 7 for a sub-session for those who want a space to meet with collaborators.


Discussing the Hamam - Els and Bart are part of the Hamam proposal , a welcoming warm space in the Mediamatic Fabriek with a yoga studio attached. Aleksandra Kalashnikova


Cardboard Universe - Presenting the Cardboard Universe, a realm of furniture made from recycled paper. Jurrian de Klerk

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela is a small city within Mediamatic Fabriek. Builders, cooks and other makes have been given the possibility to claim a part of the big industrial hall as their own. They work on their projects autonomously, but like in any other community, materials, space and functions have to be shared. Favela citizens are making tosti's from scratch, paper from cow shit, furniture from cardboard, and food from our very own aquaponics farm. And everyone is welcome to contribute. Build this city with us.