Workshop: Tessa Bouzidi

Workshop: WaterKefir

Make your own fermented lemonade

19 Apr 2017

Learn everything about waterkefir; what it is and how you can make it yourself. We will discuss the basic principles of fermentation and you will make your own first batch that you can take home. The grains can (under the right circumstances) grow endlessly, which makes you able to provide yourself with this tasty lemonade for ever.

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Water Kefir - Different Water Kefir experiments by our Fermentation team. Taste them for yourself at Mediamatic ETEN. Anisa Xhomaqi


The fermented lemonade is made by mixing water with sugar and crystal-like kefir grains. The grains are a composition of different bacteria and yeasts, that eat the sugar and start the fermentation process. After the fermentation the water is fresh, sparkly, and slightly alcoholic (0,2%), and it contains many vitamins and probiotics.


We will start with introducing the origin and history of waterkefir, where it comes from and how people used to prepare it. Afterwards the fermentation process will be explained, as well as how to start this process yourself. In between we will have a tasting to experience the many possibilities in flavor, what different ingredients can do to the fermentation and also of course to enjoy the tasty lemonade. Finally, you will learn how to make the lemonade yourself and make your own batch right away. You can take it home afterwards, which you can use endlessly for making your own lemonade at home!

One important thing is that you need to take your own jar or bottle to ferment the waterkefir in, from around 1L. We prefer preserving jars (weckpotten), but old pickle jars or lemonade bottles are fine as well as long as they are clean.


Workshop: WaterKefir 
Friday April 7, 16:00 - 18:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Regular €15,- / Student €12,50 (excl. Administration fee)

Note: this workshop will be given in English / the workshop wordt gegeven in het Engels.