Julia van der Veen

Corona Regulations

How we keep our environment safe


  • There is a sanitation station at every entrance.

  • Everyone is asked to show their QR code when entering our premises.

  • We keep 1,5 meter distance.

  • We make sure that our spaces are well ventilated.


Serving the first course - Premiére of Code Noir Anisa Xhomaqi

Here you can read what safety-measures we incorporated in each part of Mediamatics public program: the restaurant, workshops, lectures, open tours and space-rental.


The restaurant is closing at 20:00. Till then we are serving vegan pizza in the big spacious greenhouse which is well ventilated. You will be asked to show your QR-code when sitting down at a table. 


As we encourage to keep on researching and learning together, we took measurements to keep our workshops, lectures and open tours safe for groups. 


Safe learning in the Aroma Lab -


There is a maximum capacity of 10 participants for each workshop. The space will be adjusted to the amount of participants, to make sure that it is possible to keep distance. All participants will be asked to show their QR code at the door. 


The maximum amount of people that are allowed on site is 60. We make sure that 1,5 distance can be maintained at all times. Do you want to know how we arrange the space exactly? Check our Corona Floor plan for each space here


The audience listening to the way Arne Hendriks and Dominik Einfalt 'tango' with Mycelium - Anne Lakeman

With: Hyunsuh Kim

Open Tours

We allow a maximum of 10 persons per tour. If the group is bigger, we will divide the group over several tour-guides. There is a sanitation station at the start of the tour. 1.5 meter distance will be respected at all times and participants are reminded of this regularly. We ask participants to show their QR code. 


Monai smelling perfume Filtered Beans by Niklaus Mettler - Scents Apparatus by Margherita Soldati Maxim Damper

Private Events

We have adjusted the maximum capacity and adjusted the arrangement of each space to current Covid-19 regulations. Our unique venues can still be used to organise a private gathering, meeting or dinner. All visitors will have to show their QR code. 


For each space we made a corona-map that shows the maximum amount of individuals that can fit into the space depending on the specific event set up. You can check out the maximum capacity per space and setup here


Sluisdeurenloods Corona Settings - Presentation - 48 individuals - Justine Magnat-Biermé


We offer the opportunity to bid your deceased farewell one last time at our unique location. We are able to receive up to 100 visitors. If wished, we do also provide a plant-based catering. Find more information here.