Pigeon Tower Nadine Schütz, Ben Hopley, Mily Bogaarts, Arne Hendriks


Jan '21 – Pigeon Tower 08

The oyster mushroom variety Spoppo is better able to withstand the cold. Since we built this tower inside the barn in the height of winter, it seemed like a good choice. However, because the mycelium had been harvested three times, it was somewhat lifeless. An extra challenge.

To provide extra support, we made a wooden frame of 230cm high in which we stacked the blocks. On February 12, in the snow, we moved the tower to its current location. The roof material, made by Mily Bogaarts, is made from the plastic in which the blocks were packaged and delivered. Read more about it here.


Spoppo - Pigeon Tower 08 Ben Hopley

Period: 4, 8, 22 January and 5 February 2021
Mycelium: Sporeless Grey Oyster Mushroom (Spoppo)
Weather: Unheated Indoor conditions, between 3 and 7 degrees.
Supplier: Verbruggen Paddestoelen B.V.
Type: Square, 220cm high