Kimchi: Co-design with Microbes

with Saskia Frederiks

19 Sep 2021

Have you been dreaming of being able to make your own kimchi? It is a delicious condiment, which brings fermented flavor of umami and tanginess, as well as beneficial microbes into your cooking. During this workshop you will learn about the basics of home fermentation from fermentation expert Saskia Frederiks, and prepare two different recipes of kimchi.

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Massaging the flavorings into the kimchi - Photo 2021 by  Ben Hopley   for Mediamatic Ben Hopley

What you will do

During the workshop you will learn the basic principles of fermentation. First, there will be a few kimchis for you to taste, so you learn to recognise the differences. After an introduction and guidance by Saskia, you will apply your new knowledge on two different kimchi recipes: napa cabbage kimchi (the most popular one here in the Netherlands), and a water kimchi (a lighter, more refreshing type of kimchi). You will get to take these two batches of kimchi home, along with the knowledge on how to continue fermentation at home. 

Saskia Frederiks

Saskia Frederiks is specialist in fermentation. After tasting water kefir once, she was hooked, and has been fascinated by fermentation ever since. The transformation in scent, color, taste and texture never seem to lose their magic for her. She likes to inspire others with her fascination for and knowledge about fermentation.


Full price €40 | Discount price €28
We give a discount to students, stadspas and artists. If this applies to you we might ask to see your kvk nr/portfolio or student card for this option.


19th of September, 14:30-16:30
We maintain a minimum of 6 participants.
Please note that, unless everyone speaks Dutch, this workshop will be held in English.
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We are taking corona safety into account at our workshops. 
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