Kids tour: water research in the garden

Interactive tour about sustainble water use

7 Oct 2023
8 Oct 2023

At Mediamatic, we have a remarkable greenhouse. In our Aquaponics greenhouse, plants and fish coexist, providing each other with nourishment and clean water. Recently, we're not only irrigating the plants with clean tap water, but also salty canalwater. We do this because the stress on clean tap water is increasing, so we are experimenting with alternative solutions. Join us on a tour to learn about sustainability and urban water issues in a lively and accesible way, and free your inner scientist by helping with the research. This tour will be in Dutch.

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Demmy working in the Aquaponics garden - Filippo Iannone


Do you know what it takes to cultivate your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers? Would you like to learn how we ensure that plants and fish can live together and adapt to saltwater? If so, come by Mediamatic's aquaponics greenhouse for an interactive tour and delve deeper into topics like food, water quality, salinization, and sustainability. During the tour, you'll have the opportunity to conduct water tests, feed the fish, and sample the plants, among other activities.

The tour is part of the program for Weekend of Science. The tour is free, but we advice you to reserve your spot here. Walk-ins are welcome, but we do have a maximum amount of participants. This activity is most suitable for kids who are 8 years or older. Though, everyone is welcome. There is something to learn for all ages.

The tour will take place at the following times: