Don't wash yourself

Museumnacht 2016

5 Nov 2016

Mediamatic is part of Museumnacht 2016. Visit our Biotoop in central Amsterdam to explore our art installations in the dark. Get ready to pee in an artwork, forget about tinder at our smell-dating service and have a drink - or two - at Mediamatic ETEN. See you there!


Foto voor poster campagne Museumnacht 2016 - Geef ons maar Amsterdam.


17:00 - 00:00 The Art of Deception
17:00 - 02:00 Piss Pitstop
17:00 - 00:00 Vegan food at Mediamatic ETEN
20:00 - 23:30 Love Sweat Love


Body Odour - Anisa Xhomaqi

The Art of Deception - Sluisdeurenloods Mediamatic

What happens if we humans manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? And what is inner beauty anyway? The Art of Deception (by designer Isaac Montee and evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers) showcases a collection of 18 transformed pigs hearts that explore how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation can be used as tool for the ultimate deception: The transformation of inner beauty.

How would you decorate your future heart? Will you let it glow, decorate it with gold or mark it with your favourite brands?


Museumnacht - People looking at hearts of The Art of Deception (by designer Isaac Montee and evolutionary biologist Toby Kiers) during Museum night. Anisa Xhomaqi

Love Sweat Love with Lauryn Mannigel

Scent has a strong effect on our memory, emotions and behaviours. In fact, when it comes to finding your 'mate' it is your own body odour that does the trick. Curious to learn how this works? Join the smell dating experiment, donate your odour and maybe you will find your future love. Are you curious to learn more about body odors? Join Odorama on thursday 3 November.

Forget Tinder, Smell-dating is the new analogue dating service!


Artist in Residency - Lauryn Mannigel (DE) - People smelling body odors for the Smell Dating, and writing Anisa Xhomaqi, Lauryn Mannigel, Mediamatic Foundation

Pis Pitstop

Urgent business to attend to? The audiovisual piss installation Pure Gold, by Kamiel Rongen en Mediamatic, invites all filled bladders to visit the artwork at the street side of Mediamatic. The combination of urinals, mesmerising video's and sound make the act of peeing into a whole new experience. And for a great cause! Your waste will be collected, deluded with water and used to water the plants in Dijkspark.

If you got to go, you got to do it right


Pis Pitstop during Museum night - Pis Pitstop at the Pure Gold installation during the Museumnight 2017. Anisa Xhomaqi

NIMBY toilet

A bright yellow booth on show in the Dijkspark - but mind what you do: it is not to phone, it is to pee. We think your urine is important and we want to use it for a good cause: come "donate" and you will help our park flourish.

Not in my backyard- Fermentation toilet by Henriette Waal


NIMBY toilet - Anisa Xhomaqi

Mediamatic ETEN

Prepare for a night out with delicious vegan food at the restaurant of Mediamatic. Eat amidst the growing artwork of Zeger Reyers, try out the home brewed Myco Test Beers and overlook the beautiful skyline of Amsterdam. Our chef wil provide a special N8-menu and our kitchen will be open until 00:00! Stay tuned for more information about the dishes and make sure to reserve a spot.

Vegan frenzie with the best view in town


View from Mediamatic Terrace during the Museum Night 2016 - Nemo's installation as seen from the Terrace of Mediamatic Eten during Museum night. Anisa Xhomaqi

5 November, 17:00 - late
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam

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