Leather Galore

Odorama 32 - with Justus Tomlow, Daniel Soliman, Billie van Katwijk, Raymond Timmer and Frank Bloem

27 Jun 2019

This time at Odorama, we’ll have a chance to talk about something sexy, something cool, something functional, and something luxurious - leather.

With a lot of different speakers lined up, this Odorama will get into the secret smell of leather, its symbolism in the fetish community, its use in medicinal practices and the smell of its cultivation. 

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Billie van Katwijk leather from cow intestines - Billie van Katwijk

Leather is incredibly prevalent in our sensory lives. Our couches, shoes and wallets are often made from this material. But what about its smell? One could describe it as having a dark, intriguing odor. Like almonds perhaps, or bees-wax, or even tar. However you describe it, its distinct smell is printed onto our memory. 

On the 27th, Justus Tomlow will reveal the secret scent of leather. Dr. Daniel Soliman takes us back to the times when pulverized Egyptian mummies were used in medicine. We explore a zero-waste method of creating leather from cow intestines with Billie van Katwijk. And we join Mr. Leather Europe 2017 (Raymond Timmer) in a conversation about the symbolism of leather in the fetish community. 

This edition of Odorama is curated by Frank Bloem. Odorama is a concept by head curator Caro Verbeek and a collaboration with co-curators Frank Bloem and Sanne Groeneveld.

Justus Tomlow

Justus Tomlow is a researcher and designer at the Reframing Studio in Amsterdam.
As a designer - aware that a lot of the world is created - he was very surprised to find out that the familiar smell of leather, is actually an added synthetic scent. Intrigued by this evolution from hand made scent to a smell thought of as inherent to the material, he traces how this aroma has been a shape-shifter throughout the ages. starting a complete new kind of perfume industry on its way.  Come smell how an historical Peau d’Espagne or Cuir de Russie smells compared to a “leather” perfume today.

Dr. Daniel Soliman

Last Odorama we looked at the Egyptians, world's first perfumers, who not only used perfume for their religious offerings, but also used essential oils to embalm their kings. Dr. Daniel Soliman will dive even deeper into Egyptian history, where pulverized skin from mummies was used in medicine and even in perfume.

Billie van Katwijk

An everyday by-product of the meat industry gets a luxurious afterlife, thanks to the innovative handling of undervalued organic materials. Artist Billie van Katwijk will show us how something that is considered waste in many countries is given a new and much higher value through the action of design.

"I hope that, seduced by its beauty, people are aware of it being a cow stomach and inspire a conversation about the value of under-appreciated and everyday materials."

Raymond Timmer

Frank Bloem will interview Mr. Leather Amsterdam 2017, Raymond Timmer, and try to unravel the double standard we as a society hold about leather. Why is this material hypersexualised? Why is it assigned the label of a fetish? They will also discuss Mr. Timmer's work with raising awareness of STDs, and using his title to alleviate the shame that comes with fetishes.  


Odorama: Leather
Thursday, the 27th of June
Start 20.30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: Full price €7,50 | Artist / Student €5,25 | +€2,50 at the door | (including €1 administration fee)

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