Meet A Maker

Walk and talk with Arne Hendriks

5 Mar 2021

On Friday, Arne will be building pigeon towers at Mediamatic and he is open for conversation! Book a timeslot to meet the artist behind the myco-assemblage project and discuss ideas while having a walk outside. 

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Talking to Arne Hendriks - Participant Meet a Maker Ben Hopley

For Whom?

Do you want a fresh view on a project that you are working on within the field of human ecology? Are you stuck in an artistic research project and in need of some advice to keep you going? Or would you simply like to know more about the mycelium pigeon tower project that Arne is directing? Then schedule in a meeting with the artist that is always open to discuss radical new ideas and practices that re-define our relationship with the planet. 

During the meet up, you take a 30-minute walk with Arne while discussing your work, ideas, and challenges. You can expect an honest talk filled with (unwanted) advice and original ideas.

About the artist

Arne Hendriks is an artist and researcher on human ecology. He explores the borders of specific cultural values that define our relationship with the planet. His projects include The Incredible Shrinking Man that researches if it is possible to downsize the human species to better fit the earth and Fatberg, the building of an island of fat. As a regular Mediamatic collaborator, he directed several projects to draw attention to our (sometimes twisted) relation with the planet and its resources, like Kool Abundance, The Starvation Experiment, and the building of a holy pigeon tower out of recycled newspapers.

Meet a Maker

Especially in these times where contact is limited we think it is important to stimulate the face-to-face exchange of artistic views and ideas. We therefore host walks with the artists that show or make work at Mediamatic, so you can come to discuss your project and get some new inspiration, a fresh view on your work or an interesting conversation about it.

Sign up

The meet-up is free, but please RSVP to book your time slot.
You can choose a time between 14:00 and 16:00

In case you have any questions, you can send an email to


Arne Hendriks revealing the sixth tower at the Biotoop - Anne Lakeman


The Pigeon man next to the Myco-Assemblage - Arne Hendriks


Rakan is interested in using mycelium as a building material - Participant Meet a Maker Rakan is an architecture student who wanted to meet Arne because he is interested in using mycelium as a building material. He sees the mycelium project as impactful as it can be a sustainable building material for the future. During the meet-up Arne and Rakan discussed possible architectural structures for the towers, and from now on he will probably pass by more often to help build!  Ben Hopley


Asli wants to build a mycelium structure in her neigbourhood - Participant Meet a Maker Asli came to meet Arne Hendriks. She is an architecture student from the AMS Institute. She heard about the event through Rakan. Asli is very interested in the communal aspect of the pigeon tower project and she and her friends are thinking about building a structure of mycelium in her neighbourhood.  Ben Hopley


Sustainability is an important topic for Esther - Participant Meet a Maker Esther is an artist who is interested in using mycelium as a material in her own practice. She works with wool, and is currently felting beehives. Sustainability is an important topic in her work. She might come back to felt one of the mycelium blocks in the coming time.  Ben Hopley


Looking at one of the pigeon towers - Participant Meet a Maker Ben Hopley


Arne talks about te structure of one of the pigeon towers - During the Meet a Maker event Ben Hopley


Having a look at the mycelium building blocks - Participant Meet a Maker Ben Hopley


Esther Spielmann felting a mycelium block - Ben Hopley