Knotweed Burek Exchange

with Krater

11 Apr 2023
22 Apr 2023

Japanese knotweed can’t be sold for consumption in the European Union. Only the extract from its roots in its purest form, resveratol, is traded on the international market.

In the knotweed Borek exchange we don’t trade with money but with knowledge. Plant a Japanese Knotweed plant-sign for us in your local patch, share a photo and receive a Japanese Knotweed borek in exchange.

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Team of Krater (Ljubljana) collecting dry Japanese Knotweed to produce their Knotweed paper. -

Ljubljana based art and urban placemaking organisation Krater live and breath knotweed. They use the plant to produce their Notweed paper, planters and worked with artists, designer and scientist on different ways of using knotweed. During their residency at Mediamatic, from 11th to 16th of April, Krater will develop the Knotweed Burek Exchange.

Harvesting the stems for the Notweed paper is a community effort. In exchange for their help, contributors receive a freshly baked burek in a knotweed-field picknick. During the Japanese Knotweed Festival you can have a taste of this burek in our restaurant in exchange for planting one of Mediamatics plant signs. 


Börek or burek are a family of pastries or pies found in the Balkans, Middle East and Central Asia. The pastry is made of a thin flaky dough such as filo with a variety of fillings, such as meat, cheese, spinach, or potatoes. Krater developed a recipe using Japanese knotweed that is baked in the wood-fired clay oven inside our restaurant. 

Japanese Knotweed Plant Signs

Over the last few years, Mediamatic planted signs around urban patches of Japanese Knotweed. With our guerilla plant signs we hope to plant some seeds of doubt regarding the conventionally accepted botanical labels and cultural consumption of specific plants in the Netherlands. 

How it works

Sign up for free for the burek exchange by following the link below. When you’ve signed up you can pick up a plant sign at Mediamatic throughout the festival by showing your ticket.

Plant your sign at your local knotweed patch so your neighbours know what plant is growing in your neighbourhood. You can learn about how to find Japanse knotweed using the Japanese Knotweed Map in our article 'Harvesting Japanese Knotweed'. Share a picture of your sign on social media and tag Mediamatic (Instagram or Facebook) or mail Mediamatic. You can pick up your burek in exchange on our burek Cooking dates.

Sign up and Dates

Sign up here

Opening times to pick up your plant sign:
11th April – 22th April
Tuesday - Sunday
12:00 – 21:00

Burek cooking days:
15th April 12:30 – 21:00
22th April 12:30 – 21:00

More dates to follow!