A house for a red paperclip

Talk by trade-legend Kyle MacDonald

9 Oct 2012

In 2005, Kyle MacDonald posted a picture of a red paperclip on his blog asking if someone would like to trade it for something bigger or better. After 14 trades within one year, he was offered a house in Phoenix, Arizona. The Canadian blogger is now an internationally renowned trade legend.


Kyle MacDonald giving a presentation - Telling how he traded a red paperclip for a house. Barbara Mair

In the context of Ruilen [rœylə(n)], the new exhibition and series of events at Mediamatic Fabriek, Kyle MacDonald gave a presentation during our weekly open brainstorm meeting "Soup for your thoughts" on Tuesday, October 9. Kyle talked about his successful trading adventure and the tactics for trading. This event took place at Mediamatic Fabriek, Voc-Kade 10, Oostenburgereiland Amsterdam. Free entrance.


Red Paperclip - In just 14 trades, Kyle MacDonald managed to turn this simple red paperclip into a house in Phoenix, Arizona. Kyle MacDonald traded a red paperclip for a house, in 14 trades.

Ruilen [rœylə(n)]

Throughout this fall, Mediamatic Fabriek was transformed into an arena where one could swap goods, objects and services. Massages, books, Nordic sweaters, art, toys, clothes, seeds, vases, music, films, self-portraits, bikes, repair services and homes: we swapped it all. Ruilplein kicked off our first swapping event on October 21. Find out more here.