Freezing Favela Freedom Food

Celebrate freedom in our temporary city

5 May 2013

Food from the Favelous chefs Andrea Sossi and Robert Bochove, and mushroom soup and fish from our aquaponics farm. We asked local neighborhood cooks which foods for them symbolize freedom, and they've come up with an exquisitely celebratory menu.


Favelous - Some of our events are catered by local neighborhood cooks. The cook sets a price for his or her meal, cooks either at home or at our place, and sells the food to our visitors. Depending on how big the event is, we invite one or multiple cooks. All proceeds go the chef. Erik Diekstra


-Blini's with salmon
-Omelet rolls with salmon caviar
-Smoked trout sandwiches
-Egg salade & bread
-Tuna salad & bread

Taste of Splendor:

-Pasteis de Bacalhau

Konstantina Roussou:

-Mezzes with bread
Green bell peppers with feta & carrot
Butter beans in tomato sauce
Sausage in red sauce with paprika
Broccoli with cheddar
Spinaci di padella (stirred fry spinach - Italian style)
Russian potato salad
-Veggie skewers, lamb chops and beef fresh from the grill

Carlos Portela

-Veggie and herbs aquaponics pie

Makis Papaioannou

-Zucchini pie with Greek salad
-Briam with feta and bread
-Chicken souvlakia with pita, tzatziki, tomato, red onion and cucumber

More information

Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Entrance through the Stormer property. Entrance fee was: €10,- (including Club Mediamatic membership for 4 weeks). Members could visit our exhibition for free and get big discounts on events.


The cows of the tosti fabriek - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. De Tosti Fabriek is a project part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra


Way to Mediamatic on May 5, 2013 - Follow the pink dotted line to reach us on Bevrijdingsdag (May 5) 2013. The area along the waterside belongs to Stormer, our neighbors. They have been so kind as to let us make use of this route since the usual pathway on the north side is blocked.


favelous serves food - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. Favelous is the Freezing Favela's restaurant. Erik Diekstra


Young visitor at the favelous model - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek at Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra


Kids ripping up newspapers - This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. The Pigeon Tower is a project by Arne Hendriks, part of Freezing Favela. Erik Diekstra


André and Alexander drinking their own 100% trash vodka - Hard work is soo rewarding! They are building the White Trash Liquor Factory (WTLF) in the Freezing Favela where they will use 100% waste from the Oostenburger Eiland where Czar Peter the Great interned to learn about dutch shipbuilding innovations in the 17th century. WTLF makes make hyper local Jenever (Anna) and Vodka (Peter). This is how we are celebrating Dutch Russian Cultural Friendship in 2013. (hey Putin, FREE PUSSY RIOT). This picture was taken at Mediamatic Fabriek. White Trash Liquor Factory is a project and… Erik Diekstra


Het Miniponics systeem wordt getest - Erik Diekstra