Create a Paper Universe

Cardboard box therapy

24 Feb 2013

The people behind the Paper Universe began creating their cardboard realm in the Freezing Favela. This therapeutic process involves tearing hundreds of pieces of from cardboard boxes, slitting and joining them together. The result will be massive paper enclave surrounding you and your fellow paper lovers. Great group work to release the week's tensions!


Cardboard Planetarium - Solar-Powered Cardboard Planetarium found on Flickr by Kristen Bradley

Participating is fun because you'll learn loads of new stuff. And because we like seeing you around we'll make you an honorary Mediamatic member for 4 weeks. This means free entrance to the Fabriek and massive discounts on our events.

Freezing Favela

Freezing Favela is a small city within Mediamatic Fabriek. Builders, cooks and other makes makers have been given the possibility to claim a part of the big industrial hall as their own. They work on their projects autonomously, but like in any other community, materials, space and functions have to be shared. Favela citizens are making tosti's from scratch, paper from cow shit, furniture from cardboard, and food from our very own aquaponics farm. And everyone is welcome to contribute. Build this city with us.