Developing Soft Cheeses at Zuursalon

Taste and learn from the masters

25 Oct 2015

Fungal growth, acidification, decay... it sounds dirty, but it's these processes that make your cheese taste so delicious. Mediamatic is not afraid of a few little bacteria and pays a tribute to fermentation with the Zuursalon. This edition, we'll be learning about the development processes and the learning that go in to the development of several new local cheeses from Amsterdam.


Skeapsrond cheese from Dikhoeve Amsterdam - This camembert–style soft cheese is made by Michaël Steeghs and his team from local organic sheep milk at Dikhoeve in Ransdorp, Amsterdam. This soft cheese is made by Dikhoeve. Dikhoeve makes soft cheese in a traditional way. Willem Velthoven, Michaël Steeghs

Listen to the secrets of the masters at De Zuur Salon, the fermented talkshow that focuses on makers and their processes. This edition we will learn all about soft cheese with Michaël Steeghs from Dikhoeve, young cheese maker Eva Mathilde van Otterloo and Julius Betist from De MelkSalon. The salon will be hosted by zuurcurator Leslie Dronkers. Please note that the Zuursalon will be held in Dutch!


Eva-Mathilde van Otterloo making her own Chèvre Cendré - Eva-Mathilde van Otterloo is sprinkling the soft cheese with ash and salt .

Julius Betist

Without milk no cheese. The choice of milk is crucial for the final flavors of the cheese. Julius Betist is milk expert and is partner of the MelkSalon, a platform dedicated to a healthy dairy industry. The MelkSalon creates a dialogue between farmers and consumers through lectures, tastings and a pop-up store where visitors can learn about the diversity of milk. For the Zuursalon he will discuss raw milk, is it really so dangerous? And how important is the nourishment of the cow for the milk?


Julius Betist is starting his presentation. - Julius Betist is here presenting his work at Zuursalon. Margherita Soldati

Michaël Steeghs

The Dikhoeve farm in Ransdorp keeps around 300 sheep. Michaël Steeghs uses the sheep milk to make some delicious soft cheeses. There are a lot of components that influence the cheese, for example a cheese made in winter tastes different then made in summer. Now Michaël is trying to make cheese from cows milk which appears to be harder then expected. He will tell us about the complications he comes across, and also he will talk about a new technical development in cheese making: the use of cardoon (kardoen).


Michaël Steeghs is giving his presentation. - Michaël Steeghs is giving his presentation at Zuursalon. Margherita Soldati

Eva-Mathilde van Otterloo

Eva-Mathilde is a starting cheese maker. She is learning the craft of cheesemaking from different masters by doing internships. You can follow her progress and research of the cheese making adventures on her blog. Recently she made a Tour de Fromage, travelling through France looking for special recipes and local cheese makers. For the Zuursalon she will make 'live' cheese, which will be edible at the end of the Zuursalon!


Sunday 25 October, 17.00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam.
Ticket: €10