Inner workings and previous experiments

Tommaso and Giulia started their journey in the kitchen of Mediamatic when they presented A La Mano, as an edition of the Futurist Dinner series, in September 2018.


Tommaso serves pasta on special wooden structures for the third course of A La Mano - Anisa Xhomaqi

The 6-course menu was a journey in rediscovery in the tactility of food and conviviality. A long shared table in the restaurant, where ingredients were placed directly on, ready to be tasted with the hands. A La Mano was such a success that was presented once again in a spring edition, with new courses and fermented ingredients produced over one month of research in the kitchen. 

From September 2019 Tommaso and Giulia are the head chefs of the kitchen, experimenting and exploring how to bring the same conviviality and sensoriality that they produced with A La Mano.