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16 Sep 2013
22 Dec 2013

In September Mediamatic opened up its space to people in the Netherlands who wanted to support the protestors in Turkey. Weekly meetings resulted in the idea to turn Mediamatic's exhibition space into a public park. A free and open place for gathering and freedom of speech; a mirror to the Gezi park. PARK, therefore, is not an exhibition in the normal sense, but a bottom-up gathering of people and ideas. Some of which resulted in artworks, others in projects or a forum. Check out who is involved, and what they've been working on.


Agence LeJournal Photo Exhibition - Exhibition of Özmen's Gezi pictures.

What about Gezi?

In short, the government in Istanbul, Turkey, wanted to take Gezi Park and Taksim square down in order to build a new big shopping mall. For weeks, people demonstrated against these plans. They wanted to keep the park the way it is. A social meeting place for all kinds of people, a place to relax, come together and to share stories and experiences. The demonstrations got out of hand when the Turkish police brutally interfered. What started out as a peaceful demonstration turned into horrible conflicts with the police and other law enforcers, which continue to this day.

Projects in PARK

Witnessing Gezi

Emin Özmen

A documentary and photo series by photojournalist Emin Özmen. Two opposite sides of the civil resistance will show the unseen part of the movement. Emin Özmen is a Word Press Photo awarded photojournalist. He quit his job in a daily Turkish newspaper after his work had been censored and he had it published on international media outlets. He currently works for Agence LeJournal. More information

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Emin Özmen

This video installation is showing different faces or sides of the protest simultaneously, on multiple screens.

The Mind Map

Engin Onder, Cem Aydogdu, Ogulcan Ekiz, Refik Baykal

A visualisation of the many different elements at play in Turkey since the protests began. This map will continue to grow, exploring elements residing in the Gezi protests. You can navigate through the map using an Ipad.

The Microvideo Installation

Emin Özmen

Micro video’s about the protest. The video’s are really short and looped constantly.

Lady in Red

Jerome Symons

University research assistant Ceyda Sungur became one of the Gezi icons, after a Reuter photographer captured the moment she found herself, wearing a red dress, nearly face-to-face with a policeman’s pepper spray canister.

Checkers of the Masses

Müşfik Can Müftüoğlu

This interactive checkers game with audio-visual content is referring to the Gezi protests. More information

Hearing (our) History - Writing the Future

Sharon Stewart

A quadraphonic sound installation system with interviews made at the Dutch Support for Taksim Occupy on the 9th of June. More information

More information

PARK takes place at Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. The freely accessible research space is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, for events please click here. If you want to get involved, please contact Lilian Stolk.


A Day in the Park - Bottom-up exhibition about the riots in Istanbul last spring. Rosanne Schenk


- In September 2013 Mediamatic will open its doors for people who want to support the Gezi protesters in Turkey. Weekly meetings will result in a public park in the Mediamatic exhibition space. A sanctuary for gathering and freedom of speech; a mirror in front of the Gezi Park. Park is therefore not a normal exhibition, but a bottom-up gathering place of people and ideas. Some of these ideas become works of art, other projects or forums. Rosanne Schenk


Agence LeJournal Photo Exhibition - One of the photographs of Emin Özmen photo series about the riots in Istanbul. Rosanne Schenk

With: Emin Özmen

Agence LeJournal Photo Exhibition - Emin Özmen's photo series about the riots in Istanbul. Rosanne Schenk

With: Emin Özmen

Agence LeJournal Photo Exhibition - Visitors discussing Emin Özmen's photo series about the riots in Istanbul. Rosanne Schenk

With: Emin Özmen

A Day in the Park - Work from Emin Özmen and a musician playing in the exhibition park.

With: Emin Özmen

A Day in the Park - The night before the opening of A Day in the Park, the whole exhibition space changed. All individual projects and art works transformed into a big barricade. Rosanne Schenk


Opening of Agence LeJournal Photo Exhibition - With photo's of Emin Özmen.

PARK brings together initiatives in the spirit of Taksim/Gezi. PARK is free to join for everybody. By:

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