Presentation: Mikkel Karstad

Pop-up Dinner

with Chef Mikkel Karstad

3 Sep 2019

To celebrate Evergreen, the third stunning cookbook by Danish chef, Mikkel Karstad, a 5-course plant based pop-up dinner will be cooked and presented at Mediamatic ETEN. 

Using seasonal, local, homegrown, foraged, fermented and preserved ingredients, this delicious “Nordic in The Netherlands” experience is set to inspire you to search for and include more vegetables into your everyday kitchen.

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The dinner table at pop-up dinner by Mikkel Karstad - Anne Lakeman

Karstad's new cookbook Evergreen presents 70 vegetarian dishes that celebrate Mikkel’s passion for plants. In this book, Karstad is passionate in his pursuit to encourage simple cooking techniques, of fresh forest/ garden/ farm to table ingredients that allow the true flavours of each to shine through. During this 5-course pop-up dinner, you will be able to experience specially crafted dishes inspired on these principles using ingredients local to Amsterdam and specifically Mediamatic's fermentation lab and garden.

Mikkel Karstad

Mikkel is a highly acclaimed and influential Copenhagen based Executive Chef, cookbook author, food writer, stylist and food authority who helped define the New Nordic Cuisine movement, in the early 2000’s.
He is former gastronomic advisor and long time friend of Claus Meyer, the co-founder of iconic Danish restaurant Noma and has worked in London for Pierre Koffmann and Gordon Ramsay. Despite having a hugely successful 20+ year career, and is one of the leading chefs in Denmark, Mikkel maintains a quietly humble persona.

“I first learned about good homegrown ingredients and homemade food when I was a kid. I was inspired by my grandparents who grew vegetables and caught fish on Funen Island. I often joined my grandfather on fishing trips in the Danish Straits and hunting trips in the forest and helped my grandmother maintain her magnificent vegetable garden. She worked for many years as a kogekone (cook), so she was good at cooking like my mother. I never saw it as fine gastronomy—just lovely homemade food with good ingredients that were in season. We used everything and never threw anything away. We made soup from the bones of fish and poultry and used all the parts of the vegetables. We didn’t talk so much about sustainability in those days: It was just a natural part of daily life and “cheap” housekeeping."


Pop-up dinner with Chef Mikkel Karstad
A plant based, 5-course set menu with one seafood option. 
Tuesday 3rd of September
18:30 - 21:30 | Start at 19:00
Tickets: €40,- | Alcoholic drink pairing €20,-
Mediamatic ETEN, Dijksgracht 6
Attendance limited to 40 people