Sweaty Summer

Odorama 44 with Frank Bloem, Niklaus Mettler, Brian Hare, De Onkruidenier en David Kerssens Goedhart

9 Sep 2021

Sticky nights, an upcoming thunderstorm, the sound of mosquitoes in the air and a smouldering campfire. Summer is the season for the 'holiday smell' of sunscreen and sweat, as well as the smell of a heavy rainstorm after a hot day. During this Odorama we are diving into the odours that reach our nose during this season through a variety of lectures and smells. Get ready for 'hot smell summer'!

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Sweaty Summer Odorama Frank - Eszter Jámbor

With: Frank Bloem

Thunder and lightning - Brian Hare

On warm evenings, you hope for a downpour to cool things down. Sometimes the air is so charged, that a thunderstorm ensues. But how does that work exactly? American Physicist and Postdoc from the University of Groningen Brian Hare comes to tell us more about lightning. He has been fascinated by the phenomenon from an early age and he carried out a lot of research and experiments to get to the bottom of the mystery. After obtaining his PhD at the University of Florida, he achieved great success in the development of the Dutch radio telescope: LOFAR. A device that maps lightning with nanosecond precision. Currently Brian is making new breakthroughs in studying how lightning starts and grows through the thunderstorm. During this evening he will talk about his discoveries, and we will get to understand the mysterious phenomenon a little better, including the smell that comes from it...

Sunscreen - Niklaus Mettler

Niklaus Mettler is a perfumer and art director who works with scent in a variety of contexts. At our request, he dug into various smells of sunscreen. Whether we’re at the beach or in the snow, we more and more have to protect our skin with sunscreens from the ever more strongly and brutally becoming UVA and UVB sun rays. In the sun our skin heat’s up, gets sweaty and turns into an ideal transporter of the perfumed sunscreens that leave remote beaches or public pools with a wafting scent of ‘holidays’. 

The ‘scent of holidays’ was the inspiration for Niklaus to research where these different perfumed sun-protecting creams come from, and what their scents might mean? Eventually, his obsession for the SPF’s made him blend a perfume that brought together the scents of holidays from America, Australia and Europe, that he will present and elaborate on during this evening. 

Forever Summer - De Onkruidenier

A successful harvest and a good yield go hand in hand with a good summer. But despite the seasons, it seems that the supermarket always provides us with a "good summer". Fresh produce is offered year-round because we can control the atmosphere in greenhouses. Collective De Onkruidenier explores historical, cultural and potential transformations of nature and its potential to evolve humans. Their project Forever Summer, currently on view at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, focuses on the tomato. here they investigate the relationship between climate control of art in the museum and the climate in which tomatoes thrive best during cultivation and conservation. What happens when the tomato becomes part of the museum's collection?

David Kerssens Goedhart | Machine No. 2

In between the lectures, David Kerssens Goedhart will present his graduation work: Machine No.2 in the barn. This machine circulates helicopter seeds and shows a natural phenomenon in a fashion beyond mere image. David also questions what the machine tells us about the relationship between man and nature because "you can't turn natural phenomena on and off, like a machine". He will give an introduction, and demonstrate the giant installation in action for the last time before building it down at the end of summer. 

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Odorama 44: Sweaty Summer
26th of August from 20:00 till 22:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

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