Sweaty Summer

Odorama 44 with Frank Bloem, Niklaus Mettler and Brian Hare

26 Aug 2021

Sticky nights, an upcoming thunderstorm, the sound of mosquitoes in the air and a smouldering campfire. Summer is the season for the smell of sunscreen, freshly cut grass, and, of course, the smell of sweat! In the upcoming Odorama lecture we will explore these recognisable aroma's of the summer season. Get ready for hot smell summer! 

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Sweaty Summer -


At our request, perfumer Niklaus Mettler dug into various smells of sunscreen. He will give a talk about sunscreen and explain more about the key ingredients that make it such a recognisable smell.  We invite you to bring your own sunscreen too, so we can compare and analyse all sorts.  

Cooling Down
On these warm nights where the heat of the day doesn’t go away, you hope for a thunderstorm to cool things down. Apart from the smell of the rain that falls, there is another smell in the air that is caused by lightning. It is the smell of ozone. Postdoc fellow Brian Hare of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen will tell us more about his research to understand the phenomena of lightning better. 


Full price €12,50 | Discount for Students/Artists/Stadspas €8,75*
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Odorama 44: Sweaty Summer
26th of August from 20:00 till 22:30
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam

We are taking corona safety into account at our events. 
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