Mediamatic 2018

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Nineteen crates with dirty Cabbages - The coal harvest picked up well this year. So good, that farmer Krispijn could not get rid of his coal from the paving stones. What to do with this coal surplus? The weekend of December 16, Mediamatic kicked off with a coal-stack party. This sop is certainly worth the cabbage. People were having fun with the stirring coal music and an Oedipus beer and helped us and Krispijn to get rid of the coal. There was free cabbage soup for everyone who helped stacking! Anisa Xhomaqi

Kool Kabbage

In the winter of 2017/2018 the cabbage harvest was so good that farmers were unable to sell their surplus harvest. This prompted Mediamatic to take in the surplus cabbage and devote our winter program to food surplus, value and abundance. We've stacked, fermented, buried, learned, eaten lots of cabbage soup, and so have found value in something the economy deems valueless.


Tolstoy by Anastasia Loginova - Caitlin Sarah Watson

Various artists found different ways to connect with the white cabbage. Anastasia Loginova read them Tolstoj, Tomislav Feller wrapped himself and in Arne Hendriks' case, the abundant harvest mostly prompted him to ask questions regarding satisfaction in the midst of abundance.

Kool Abundance

Together with artist Arne Hendriks we organised a series of Tuesday nights on which we started a conversation about the current food economy. With several guests and chefs, we tried out the best cabbage dishes. This resulted in a white cabbage in a salt crust, a sushi made entirely from white cabbage and discussions and conversations regarding the value of our food in times of globalisation.


Arne and Monica talking during Abundance Dinner - Anisa Xhomaqi

Abundance Dinner

Eventually we mainly celebrated the abundant harvest with our festive Abundance Dinner. This dinner, during which the dozens of dishes all featured white cabbage as their main ingredient, was put together by Arne Hendriks and chef Thorwald Voss. Together with various speakers, we tried to find a future wherein there exists a balance between supply and demand, desire and satisfaction, and abundance and shortage.


Super Skinny Thai white cabbage roll - A delicious light and zingy street food dish - a super skinny Thai fresh spring roll of white cabbage. Crisp finely sliced vegetables such as green beans and a lots of fragrant herbs wrapped in cabbage paper and served with delicious soy sauce.   Anisa Xhomaqi

Communication through Smells

In January, we organized our first international multi-day smell symposium. Together with artist Klara Ravat and Saskia Wilson Brown, director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles, we invited dozens of smell professionals. During a two day program, they attempted to find new systems for classifying smells. How does one categorize things as immediate as smells, and is it even necessary?


Smelling during Hackathon - Giulia Menicucci


After the succesful start of our Neo Futurist Dinners in 2017, we organised new spectacle dinners, for which we invited various artists to come into our kitchen. Fashion designer Schueller de Waal and the chefs from Haagse Hapjes brought a dinner that was entirely made up of substances that promote happy feelings. From slurping together, to a course of meditation and edible frustration during dessert, our guests went home well-fed.


Endora and her guests during meditation - Giulia Menicucci

Expeditie Oosterdok

2018 also saw the festive start to the collaberation between the eleven programming institutions surrounding the Oosterdok. On April 21st, we organised an open day together, where there was much to see and do, in and around the Oosterdok. In our CleanLab you could get a tattoo done of your favorite microorganism, as they were drawn by Ernst Haeckel. To complement this, we exhibited the most beautiful of Hernst Haeckel's Kunstformen Der Natur posters in our lock gate warehouse. This exhibition can be visited during the spring.


Visitor getting a Haeckel-tattoo by Gentle Ink - Giulia Menicucci

With: Gentle Ink


Haeckel-tattoo - Giulia Menicucci


With our workshops we give our audience the opportunity to learn to use various techniques and materials, themselves. During the winter, we had various workshops about white cabbage. For instance, we taught people to make Kimchi with European cabbage, rather than the Asian cabbage variety, and we explored an authentic pit fermentation technique.


Bury the cabbage - Anisa Xhomaqi

In addition, we continued our (now) regular basic workshops about new biomaterials: Mushrooms and Tempeh, and urban-farming